Our firm boasts one of the most experienced teams in matters involving Sovereign Governments and International Institutions.

The number of dealings in which Sovereign Governments and International institutions are involved has seen an exponential increase in the last few years.


We have a long track record of advising governments on Private-Public Procurement (PPP) agreements and helping them maximize their returns from energy, infrastructure and other development projects. We also help with privatization transactions and provide assistance with drafting legislation, establishing regulatory frameworks and restructuring state-owned enterprises and industries.


We assist sovereign wealth funds around the world on strategic and opportunistic investments, restructuring issues, M&A transactions, project financings, tax structuring, compliance, and legislative change.


Our firm advises borrowers in sovereign debt restructurings and handles the default of sovereign entities on the payment of international bonds.


Aside from our transactional and regulatory expertise, we have a wealth of experience in dispute resolution proceedings involving state entities. We handle investor-state disputes and are familiar with arbitration proceedings arising out of multilateral and bilateral investment treaties. From ICSID arbitrations to ad hoc arbitrations conducted on the basis of the Arab Investment Agreement, we tackle some of the most complex cases involving a state entity.


Our senior partners specialize in issues of sovereign immunity and have successfully handled enforcement of national court decisions and arbitral awards against state-owned assets in several jurisdictions. We are intimately familiar with issues pertaining to emanation of state and sovereign immunity from execution that are systematically raised during enforcement proceedings against diplomatic and state-owned assets.