Recognized Authorities in Private Law.

As one of the most reputable legal consultants in Lebanon and France, we have vast experience issuing scientific legal opinions that combine deep academic insights with efficient and innovative legal advice.


The exceptional academic backgrounds of our attorneys and their deep knowledge of the unique legal landscape in the Middle East places us in a unique position to offer practical and insightful legal opinions for a broad range of complex transactions and dispute resolution matters in Arabic, English and French across all our practice areas and sectors.


We are the only law firm in Lebanon with two attorneys who hold the prestigious title of Agrégé of the French Faculties of Law. As such, we are able to successfully tackle the most complicated legal matters and provide innovative solutions in the absence of legal precedent.


Our senior Partners are Professors who teach at some of the most prestigious Law Schools in Europe and the Middle East and are considered leading authorities in their respective fields. They have published award-winning scholarly research and are at the forefront of legal reforms in the Region.


By relying on the some of the most-advanced legal research platforms and one of the largest law libraries in Lebanon, they head our legal consultancy team and provide acute legal insights and in-depth analysis of the rules and Regulations in the law.



For over 40 years, our firm has been providing legal opinions to international and local firms on specific issues and entire projects. We have been solicited to provide legal studies on the applicable laws in France, Lebanon and the MENA Region and on issues of comparative law.

Our attorneys also give advice on the enforcement of arbitral awards across multiple jurisdictions and assist with the enforcement of foreign judgments across the Middle East.



Aside from providing legal opinions to local and international companies, our legal advisors are frequently solicited to submit expert legal reports in Court and Arbitral Proceedings. We deliver expert reports upon request of the parties or the ruling authority on a wide range of issues including the applicable laws and regulations in France, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

We pride ourselves on delivering exhaustive and objective reports that strictly abide by the instructions that are given to us while remaining neutral and independent throughout the proceedings.