One of the leading firms in domestic and international inheritance law.
Our firm is known for solving complex inheritance issues and handling high-profile inheritance cases that have established precedent in Lebanon and abroad.


Estate planning in Lebanon requires the mastery of Religious Rules and Civil Law. We provide sophisticated estate planning solutions that take into account the specificity of the Lebanese legal system. Our attorneys work closely with clients to assess their needs and offer planning solutions that reflect their unique personal and family circumstances. From mitigating potential tax liability to addressing issues related to religious law, our attorneys will help you prepare a custom-tailored estate plan that is legally-enforceable and achieves your long-term objectives.

We make full use of the available legal arsenal to organize the distribution of assets between family members and help clients navigate through the complexities of the inheritance rules in Lebanon.

Our estate planning services include:
  • Drafting wills and donation contracts.
  • Drafting estate planning documents.
  • Assessing and mitigating potential tax liability.
  • Assessing the enforceability of wills and donations under all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Family business succession planning.


With more than 40 years of experience, our attorneys provide insightful and detail-oriented legal advice for inheritance matters involving Sharia Law and the law of June 23rd 1959 relative to the inheritance of non-Muslims.

Our experts have extensive experience in matters governed by Private International Law and have handled court proceedings involving several jurisdictions. We leverage our connections in Europe and the Middle East to coordinate parallel proceedings across countries and are able to follow closely each case by relying on a multilingual team of lawyers that can relay the information to clients and corresponding attorneys without delay.

We regularly represent heirs, beneficiaries, personal representatives, trustees, and other clients in complex inheritance disputes including:
  • Distribution and acceptance of estate assets.
  • Inheritance cases involving Sharia Inheritance Law.
  • Inheritance cases involving the law of June 23rd 1959 relative to the inheritance of non-Muslims.
  • Inheritance cases involving Private International Inheritance Law.
  • Cross-border inheritance disputes.