We help our clients in the wake of shifting consumer attitudes and trends.
With a wealth of experience working across multiple jurisdictions, our lawyers help clients face these challenges and find creative solutions in an ever-changing consumer landscape.

Our advisory and transactional services

From luxury brands to food and beverage enterprises, we advise consumer products & retail companies at every stage of the business cycle.

Our lawyers are familiar with consumer protection laws across the Middle East and help businesses comply with regional data protection regulations.

Our services include advising on:
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Data Protection.
  • Consumer Protection Laws.
  • Competition/Antitrust issues.
  • Brand Protection and Intellectual Property.
  • Commercial agencies, franchising and licensing arrangements.
  • Consumer Finance.
  • E-Commerce and home shopping arrangements.
  • Logistics, Distribution, and Transportation.
  • Corporate Law and Corporate Governance.
  • Real Estate matters.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint-Ventures.

Our dispute resolution services

From claims brought by consumers to wrongful termination of a preexisting commercial relationship, our lawyers provide aggressive representation in all types of disputes.

As experts of cross-border disputes, we handle all disputes in connection with a preexisting commercial relationship, including breach of an international business transaction or the termination of a commercial agency.

We also handle claims brought by consumers. Whether a consumer has brought a product liability claim, a warranty claim or a privacy claim for misuse of private information, our lawyers offer strategic defense strategies aimed at reducing costs and a swift resolution.