We provide experienced and personalised legal services in the area of Family Law.

Our attorneys represent clients in all forms of family-related disputes ranging from divorce cases to litigation involving family-owned businesses.


We have helped clients with matters involving child and spousal support, custody, guardianship asset division and divorce.


Family law in Lebanon is governed by religious rules whose application can prove to be a complex task. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the different religious rules and can assist you in all family-related matters. We have experience in representing numerous clients in matters involving Canon Law and Islamic law and have handled legal proceedings in Religious Courts. 


When a familial situation presents international components, it might give rise to conflicts of jurisdictions and conflicts of laws. These issues of Private International Law are often complex and can lead to parallel proceedings whenever disputes arise between family members. Our lawyers have taught classes on Conflict of Laws at some of the most Prestigious universities in Europe and are experts of Private International Family Law.


They are frequently solicited to render legal opinions in domestic and international matrimonial law matters and routinely advise clients regarding family-related transactions. We have acted as counsel in complex cross-border family disputes filed in Lebanon and abroad and have handled parallel proceedings in several jurisdictions including Europe and the Middle East.


In all Family Law matters, we seek to achieve our clients’ goals as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. When an amicable resolution is desired, we work with our client to explore potential resolutions that adequately protect their interests without engendering unnecessary hostility and triggering litigious disputes among family members.


Our lawyers work very closely with clients in order to make sure that they are fully informed of the progress of their case and remain available at all times to provide counsel during emergencies.


We also work to ensure that our clients’ family matters are kept discrete whenever possible. Beyond preserving the attorney-client privilege, we utilize various strategies to resolve family-related disputes outside of the courtroom where private family and financial information can potentially be made public. Whether through strict contractual confidentiality provisions or judicial remedies, our attorneys will use their in-depth knowledge of the applicable governing body of law to protect your private information from the public eye.


  • Drafting international marriage contracts.
  • Drafting related-family transactions.
  • Representing clients in matrimonial cases including annulments, divorces and separations.
  • Representing clients in family disputes before judiciary and religious courts.
  • Representing clients in international family-related disputes.
  • Forming, organising and liquidating family-owned companies.