We have an intimate knowledge of the construction sector in the Middle East.

Our Firm represents construction companies, builders, developers, consultants, architects, engineers, property owners, investors, financial institutions and employers in construction-related transactions and disputes.


We rely on our intimate knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply across the Middle East and on our close relationship with experts in the construction field to provide practical solutions that keep projects moving forward on time and on budget.


Our attorneys are familiar with the specialized jargon of Construction Law and with the terms and conditions used in FIDIC and custom construction contracts.


They understand the complexity of the relationships between employers, contractors and subcontractors and provide technical legal advice on novation and assignment of contracts over the course of the construction project in order to avoid unnecessary delays and to prevent legal disputes.


From negotiating agreements prior to breaking ground, to litigating and arbitrating disputes that arise out of the construction, we represent clients at all phases of the construction process.


We work closely with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their business operations and factor commercial and practical concerns into our legal advice in order to enable the successful completion of their projects.


  • Drafting preliminary agreements and organizing the pre-contractual period. 
  • Drafting FIDIC and custom construction contracts. 
  • Drafting dispute resolution clauses in international contracts. 
  • Assisting with all phases of development and construction, including site acquisition, funding, letting and disposal. 
  • Assisting with assignment and novation of contracts. 
  • Representing clients in conciliation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.