Our lawyers have in-depth industry knowledge and experience.

From complex legal and regulatory reforms to escalating liability and insurance risks, the Transport and Logistics sector faces unique challenges to operate fluidly across national borders.


We help shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, brokers, logistics companies, warehousing companies, charterers, ship yards, agents, maintenance organizations, insurers and banks face complex legal issues as they work to provide efficient transportation services in a very competitive economic environment.


Our lawyers have in-depth industry knowledge and experience in all forms of finance and leasing structures, dispute resolution and corporate dealings spanning private equity, joint ventures, strategic alliances and other forms of cooperation.


We have considerable experience advising clients on all aspects of transport law including:

  • Corporate/M&A. - We advise on some of the toughest issues in this sector, including restructurings, capital raising, M&A transactions, private equity and the strategic use of joint ventures.
  •  Regulatory Compliance. - Our legal team is intimately familiar with issues pertaining to customs, security, safety, hazardous materials and compliance to international standards and helps clients operate within the bounds of international and local laws.
  •  Contractual relationships. - We help our clients manage their contractual relationships and assist them with a myriad of contractual issues including: billing and payment, certifications and warranties, consequential damages, safety, limitation of liability and termination.
  •  Employment law. - We help our clients with the recruitment process, employment contracts, employee handbooks, policies, procedures as well as labor disputes.
  •  Maritime Law. - Our lawyers are familiar with the nuances of maritime law and handle bills of lading, charterparty, contracts of affreightment, charter and trading operations.
  •  Environmental law. - Transport & Logistics companies face stringent environmental and regulatory requirements. Our attorneys assist companies with regulatory compliance and environmental issues in transportation and business transactions.
  •  Carrier liability. - Carriers face potential liability from various sources and in many venues. In order to determine the applicable rules to such liability, it is necessary to identify the appropriate forum, the governing law and the relevant contractual provisions. Moreover, an in-depth knowledge of international treaties, local laws and applicable Incoterms is essential. Our lawyers are recognized experts in the field and help clients navigate through the complexities of the regional and international legal landscape.
  •  Dispute Resolution. - We offer clients unmatched experience in representing transport and logistics companies in trials and arbitral proceedings. Our work on behalf of carriers includes defending them against liability claims for delay or damaged shipments, collection matters and insurance claims. Our lawyers have over 40 years of experience in the field and teach civil liability at some of the most prestigious universities in Beirut and Paris. Whether defending carriers and shippers or filing a liability suit on behalf of passengers, our firm has all the necessary tools to navigate through the complex rules that govern transport law.