We have the resources to help you navigate through the regional regulatory landscape.

From negotiating agency contracts and advising on local dealer protection laws to representing clients in arbitral proceedings and court cases, we have a proven track record in the field of Commercial Agencies.


We advise foreign principals on dealer protection laws and help them draft international commercial agency agreements in accordance with local public policy. We also help local agents with issues arising out of the termination or the non-renewal of the agency contract.


We have established a strong reputation for winning landmark cases and offer unequaled expertise in cross-border disputes arising out of the agency agreement.


Our lawyers are intimately familiar with the local rules of more than a dozen Arab Countries and are recognized authorities in the field who have published extensively on commercial agencies and distributorship in the Middle East.


Beyond simply reciting the legal rules and regulations to our clients, we offer unique insights into the practices of local administrations as well as creative solutions in the absence of legal precedent.


  • Negotiating agency contracts and distributorship agreements.
  • Drafting international commercial agency agreements.
  • Advising on compliance with local regulations and practices.
  • Advising on local dealer protection laws including issues of compensation arising out of the termination or non-renewal of an agency contract.
  • Providing representations in local courts.
  • Providing representation in arbitral proceedings.